Should science be used to alter peoples’   brain function/intelligence through drugs,                                therapy, etc.?

                                                         By Taylor and Meg

Quote #1

"A first step towards devices that can bypass damage to the nervous system and allow paralyzed people to regain control of their limbs or amputees to move prosthetics.” In our opinion intelligence enhancing. is good because this quote states that enhancing intelligence can heal major injuries. This is a pretty good thing because if someone is born with a birth defect then this modern technology can fix it.

Quote #2

"Scientists can now manipulate memory in ways they hope will eventually lead to treatments for disorders" We think that this is advancing technology by a whole lot. This would make the world so much better because it would probably help a lot of people feel better and healthy. This will help people in life because people make fun of people with disorders and with this we could get rid of disorders.

Quote #3

“Thanks to recent advances in neural science, that wish may come true.” This proves that this technology is here and it works. This technology works for people who need to get over injuries and disorders. This would also make a lot of things so much cheaper because medicines for these things get fairly expensive and can put a family in a tough position.

Our sourses

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The video

This video is basically about the operation that enhances your I.Q. It is very long so feel free to skip around

The second video

This video tells you ten foods that are good for your brain and why they are good for your brain.