Fire and Ice

Danika Jensen


A glacier is a solid mass of ice moving over a large area of land.
Glacier is a noun.
Glaciers often attract many tourists.


A volcano is a opening in the earth's crust that realeses lava, steam, and ashes.
Volcano in a noun.
The lava seeped down the sides of the volcano and raced towards Austin.



Because of the tectonic plates under Washington State, we have a lot more mountains than other states. When the continental plates and the other continental plates collide, they are forced upward and form mountains. With Washington State being a coastal state, when the oceanic plates and continental plates collide, the oceanic plate is forced under the continental plate and creates a flat surface. This is how plates cause Washington's landforms.


In my opinion, the "Big One" would have more effect on the Puget Sound. A lot of Washington's big cities like Seattle, Tacoma and Puyallup are near the Puget Sound and with a earthquake the size of the "Big One" is predicted to be, a lot of very large, heavy or important building can collapse. Not to mention all the people living in that area. the population is sky high and an earthquake can cause buildings to fall and if those buildings are occupied, many deaths will occur. The "Big One" can be fatal.

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