Anne's Clouds

Anne Frank, Dylan Reason 3/17,14

During Act 2, Scene 4 near the end, Anne talks to Peter about what she feels is or has the most potential in her life. The world seems to be full of happiness and joy for Anne. She says, “Look, Peter, the sky. What a lovely, lovely day! Aren’t the clouds beautiful?” (Goodrich 951). These clouds seem to be Anne’s ability to dream and this shows a desire to be above the sadness  of their life in this Secret Annex that they are living in. Anne also tells Peter, “when it seems as if I couldn’t stand being cooped up for one more minute … I think myself out” (Goodrich 951). This shows how much Anne really needs her dreams of being in a much better life or place. The clouds represent how Anne has chosen to live in her own little world as much as possible. The situation that she and the others take each day in the Annex has caused Anne to make a little world in her mind that is in her dreams. Anne wishes life wasn't the way it is so she stays in this little world in her mind as much as possible.

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