New England Colonies

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire.

New England Colonies,
They're the place you want to be,
With beauty and glee
-New England Colonies

"Do you want to build a snowman?,
Doesn't have to be a snowman.."

Snowy breathtaking winters. Temperatures are perfect for playing in the snow, or you could go skating on the frozen ice!

Mild summers and springs.
Beautiful scenic views, Perfect weather for your delight.
"In Summer,
Do Do Dah Do Do De.."

There's natives!!
But they're mostly friendly! The natives know the land and are happy to be your host. Just ask nicely and they'll gladly help you out, just give em something shiny.

Fish, you gotta love fish. The soil here may not be that well for planting do to all the rocks and stuff, but there's plenty of fish! And fishing is big in New Hampshire!

For all you lumberers your in luck! The land may not be good for farming but it's great for lumbering! Also great for all you ship-builders out there, lot's of wood= lot's of ships!!

Come to the new England colonies. It's lot's of fun!

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