Safety Comes First With Gymnastics Beam Setups

While professionals know just how important safety is when setting up gymnastics beam configurations for workouts, those creating their own exercise areas for the first time might not. There are certain things to consider whether the equipment is going into an actual gym or it’s for home use to help young gymnasts hone their skills.

The first thing to consider when buying a gymnastics beam is the amount of space available to hold the equipment. Standard beams are about eight feet in length and can elevate to over 18 inches in height for low beams. Adjustable and high beams can take up even more room with some coming in at 12 feet in length. When staking out a space for activity on a beam, be sure there’s plenty of room on either side and enough ceiling clearance to ensure safe routines.

While ample space is an important factor when setting the location for a beam, so is making sure the right gymnastic mats are used in conjunction with the purchase. Some companies sell mats and beams together, making the choice pretty simple. If a mat must be purchased separately, be sure it’s at least 6 feet in width for a typical 8 foot beam. Larger beams do call for more coverage from gymnastic mats, so do keep that in mind.

Tips for Buying

When looking for mats or gymnastic beam designs that will work well for budding athletes, consider shopping at stores that specialize in this gear. Not only will they have all the specialty equipment needed to create an ideal practice area, but they also have the expertise to make sound safety recommendations. One of the best places to look for gymnastics gear is the Internet, where stores exist catering especially to gymnasts.

Creating a workout area for a gymnast requires not only special equipment, but also a keen eye for safety. When buying a gymnastic beam be sure to insist on a quality mat to go along with it. The best designs provide enough coverage to go easy on the athletes as they learn their moves.

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