Auburn University

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Marianne Marin for acceptance the program of microbiology at Boston University.The consideration of her acceptance would prove to benefit the program along with the beneficiary. Being a motivated, independent learner, Ms. Marin would be a valuable asset to the school as well as her peers.

Through the examination of her daily life, we can see how Ms. Marin displays her ability to be efficient and manage time while maintaining the quality of her work and dedicating an equal amount of time to her many activities. Activities including, being a member of the school’s band, National Junior Honor Society and taking rigorous IB and AP classes. Holding high a determination for bettering her community and herself, she works hard to maintain nearly perfect grades, be an outstanding band member and assist her community through the national Junior Honor Society. Surely her exemplary skills in organizing time and activities will be a convincing factor in favor of her acceptance.

Ms. Marin will, as well as on the program, have a positive influence on her fellow students. Throughout her education up to this point she greatly encouraged her peers along with aiding in their further education for learning. Her strong will to contribute to society and further her education will undoubtedly astonish those around her. Her acceptance to this program would be an exceptional decision.


Desiree Miller

Professor of Psychology

Stanford University

450 Serra Mall,

Stanford, CA 94305

(650) 723-2300


Persuasive Essay

A college education has never been a distant dream to me, but a reality just waiting to happen. Growing up in a family of doctors, the expectation was always clear, and my being has been molded by it since the day I decided I too wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Studying at Auburn University would not only benefit me, but reflect positively on the school too. Throughout my tenure at El Dorado High School, I was enrolled in rigorous International Baccalaureate courses while maintaining a strong presence in school activities. My passion for learning and involvement in clubs and organizations will make me valuable addition to Auburn University.

I’ve always had a passion for the sciences. I find it fascinating how both our surroundings and ourselves are the result of millions of years or evolution, and how science is our gateway to the past, explanation for the present, and looking glass into the future. Despite the many wonders presented by the topic, I have found my truest of passions within Microbiology. Throughout my high school education, I undertook highly demanding IB classes in order to get ahead on my college education. Graduating with the International Baccalaureate diploma, I have proved myself capable of excelling in what others consider rigorous, college level classes. In addition to that, I was enrolled in a Microbiology class throughout the duration of my senior year. This course helped me discover what I now wish to major in. By allowing me to enroll as a student at Auburn University, I would be able to expand my knowledge on the microbial world that lives within ours. I would be able to pursue my passion, and to study the fascinating organisms that live at our fingertips. Without doubt, my admission into the university as Microbiology major will not only expand my horizons but also reflect positively on your program.

As a student, I have always considered an individual’s involvement within the community of high importance. Whether it was at a school function or out in my community, I was often present for community service. As part of the IB Diploma Program, I volunteered at the El Paso Humane Society as a Canine and Feline Kennel Assistant and organized campus-wide food drives each semester my junior and senior years. Within my school, I was the National Honor Society historian, volunteered at student council functions, and was a member of both the debate club and marching band. Along with devoting my time to clubs and my community, I managed to maintain a near perfect grade average of 100.37. My experiences have equipped me with the right skills, such as time management, to pursue a further education, and it would be an honor to do so at Auburn University.

I have always known college was my future, but that does not mean I did not dream of the possibilities it could offer. For years, Auburn University has been the dream I found within reality. I have spent my years in school striving for perfection for the chance to study at your university. Throughout what others might refer to as highly demanding classes and overcrowded schedules, I have found myself graduating high school among the top ten in my class and with college credits under my belt. My dedication, eagerness to strive for success, and involvement in school activities distinguishes me as a valuable addition to your Microbiology program. As graduation day nears, I will be closing one chapter in my life, and will hopefully begin a new one as a student at Auburn University.

Auburn University
Aubie the Tiger

College History

Auburn University was first established under the name East Alabama Male College in 1856. It was a small liberal arts college, and was closed during the period of civil war. Due to financial issues, the college came under the possession of a Methodist church and was renamed the Agricultural and Mechanical college of Alabama. In 1872, the church could no longer maintain the university, so they transferred ownership to the state. Due to the Morrill Act, a movement that granted money to universities in exchange for offering classes in agriculture, military tactic, and mechanical arts, the school became a land-grant university. In 1892, women were admitted into the college, making it one of the oldest co-ed schools in the country. Its name was one again changed in 1899, this time to Alabama Polytechnic Institute. It was not until 1960 that the university was named Auburn University and it has remained that way since. Today Auburn University is considered one of the best universities in the South and is marked as one of the only land, air, and sea charter schools.

Admission Requirements

Auburn University takes into consideration an applicant's performance in their core classes, high school GPA, ACT and SAT scores, and lastly, answers to their essay questions.

Average Test Score

  • ACT: 24-30
  • SAT-:1090-1350
  • GPA: 3.74
  • 82.70% Acceptance Rate

Auburn's Hey Day!


Student Life

Hey Day is an AU tradition that dates back to World War II. On this day, faculty, staff, and students pass out name tags and encourage people to greet each other in a friendly and approaching way to promote kindness and unity.

Auburn offers a variety of student clubs and activities including an aquatics area, a gym, and Greek clubs.

Microbiology Degree Plan


One semester (non-resident): $13,692

Housing rates vary from $2,850 - $5,400 a semester.

Dining fees for a semester cost $995


A dermatologist is a doctor that diagnoses, treats, and prevents issues relating to the skin, hair, nails, and lips. Some of the common cases dealt with by dermatologist are acne, dandruff, cosmetic surgeries, and skin cancer. The branches on dermatology include pediatric and cosmetic dermatology along with dermatopathology. Most dermatologist work in independent clinics, but jobs at hospitals are also available. As of now, Dermatology is in high demand, but, as mentioned before, many hospitals are unwilling to support the specialty. The BLS estimates an 18% growth by 2022, much faster than most professions.

The median salary for a dermatologist is $312,105. The higher 10% earns about $411,705 whereas the lower 10% makes around $225,826.

In order to become a dermatologist, one must graduate with at least a Bachelor's Degree, preferably in one of the science's. After that, passing the MCAT (Medical College Admission Exam) is required to enroll in a medical school. Throughout the four years of medical school, one takes the Step 1 and Step 2 exams. The last step is to complete a dermatology residency which amounts to four years: 1 year of internal medicine and 3 of dermatology. It is during that time that residents complete their Step 3 exam. Like all physicians, dermatologists need to acquire a state license in order to work, and it is recommended for all doctors to have a board certification (American Board of Dermatology). 

Cover Letter

Allyson Campa

North Massachusetts Dermatology Clinic

1234 Harvard Square, Boston

May 17, 2029

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am inquiring about the dermatology position available at your clinic. Considering my academic accomplishments and experience in labs, I would appreciate it if you would consider me for the opening, as I believe my qualifications are fit for the job.

Throughout college, I conducted multiple clinical tests and research projects that have prepared me for this position. I possess the discipline, dedication, and skills required to exceed in this demanding profession, and my degree in Microbiology has equipped me with the knowledge necessary to fully and thoroughly understand the field of dermatology. Along with graduating with honors from Auburn University, earning top marks in my Step exams, and possessing an official American Board of Dermatology certification, I was distinguished as chief resident throughout my residency at Boston Medical Center. For the last two years of my involvement in the program of Dermatology, my appointment as chief resident handed the responsibilities of coordinating the rotations, establishing schedules, and overseeing my colleagues down to me. This has equipped me with the necessary qualities and experience necessary to exceed in the job position.

Dermatology is a growing field, and the demand for well-educated doctors is steadily rising. I believe that my involvement in your dermatology program will not only benefit me, but also reflect positively on your clinic.


Marianne Marin

1234 Tierra Road

Boston, Massachusetts, 02127

(915) 123-4567


Marianne Sofia Marin

1234 Tierra Road, Boston, Massachusetts. 
Phone: (915) 123-4567 Fax: E-Mail:


I am a distinguished, bilingual physician with exemplary academic history including the Dean’s List and appointment as chief resident. Currently seeking employment as a doctor of dermatology. Qualifications include supervisor of the dermatology residency program at Boston Medical Center and chief resident throughout my residency.

Experience Boston Medical Center Dermatology Resident 2025-2029

Throughout my four-year residency, I have extensively studied both internal medicine and dermatology. Under the supervision of experienced doctors, I learned how to excel in the medical field and how to collaborate with colleagues.

Boston Medical Center Chief Resident 2027-2029

For the duration of my last two years at Boston Medical Center, I was appointed as chief resident. With this, I became responsible for the scheduling and supervision of my colleagues.

Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania Procedural Dermatology Fellowship 2029-2030

Once graduating from Boston Medical Center, I was granted a fellowship in Pennsylvania. It was a yearlong experience that allowed me to specialize in Cutaneous ontological surgery, Cutaneous reconstructive surgery, and Cutaneous Cosmetic Surgery.

Education Auburn University 2018-2021

I got my degree in Microbiology at Auburn University, graduating in three years.

Boston University 2021-2025

I completed my four years of medical school at the medical school in Boston University.


I am a quick-thinking person with extensive comprehension skills

Bilingual- fluent in Spanish

Familiar with biomedical technology and computer run programs such as Word and PowerPoint

Flexible schedule

Willing to negotiate

American Board of Dermatology certification

Licensed by the state of Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

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