Favorite Seasons

By: Kaeden Bujak

What my season smells like?: Fireworks, water, and sweaty. These are some clues of what my season smells like! I chose fireworks because in my season you light off fireworks, it also smells like water/pool because you swim in my favorite season. My last clue is you sweat a lot because it is really hot in my favorite season.

What does the season look like?: Sun Blazing Red and orange from the clouds when its sundown. shorts and t-shirts! and mosquitos.

what sounds do you hear during your favorite season, tons of yelling because people are excited and cicadas!! also you hear a lot of people snoring!

what are some tastes/foods do you eat during your favorite season: birthday cake because my birthday is in this season also candy because I love candy! I eat a lot of BBQ in this season because its my favorite type of food to eat in my favorite season.

How does the season make you feel?: Really happy because there is no SCHOOL! playful I feel like I can run a marathon in my favorite season. I hate the feeling of it being really hot and humid because you feel yucky! But other than that it’s awesome

What is the weather like in your favorite season?: Really really HOT! and humid it is a really yucky feeling! and I don’t like it but it is really sunny to play in and have a lot of fun!!

What are some other words people use to describe your season?


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