What impact do sponsorship have on athletes ?

                                             By: Sahra Hersi

                                                        Athletes and Sponsors


  • focus on working on overall image; healthy living
  • Assess the brand image of the sponsor and the image that you wish to portray. Is there a “fit”?
  • Work the media.
  • Should treat sponsorship as an added bonus not something that should be depended on
  • Seek out larger deals and not stick to one sponsor; more a variety of sponsors
  • Communicate regularly with sponsors in order to build trust and commitment.
  • Avoid too many deals (the clutter effect).
  • Sponsors

    • They are very cautious on sponsoring an athlete at a very early stage in their career, the athlete may get too comfortable
    • Communication must be clear when dealing with an athlete about its marketing strategies so that the individual is aware of their role
    • They look more at male athletes and only look at women because they “provide sex appeal”

        Sponsorship pressure  athletes –public interest

    • Sponsorship's play a role in maintaining an athlete’s competitive position and allows them to further develop their skills but it also puts extreme stress associated with loosing sponsors
    • Athletes who cannot win medals or have bad media coverage are not an ideal role model to sponsors and do not attract sponsorship's
    • Often training expenses come from sponsors which makes athletes more determine to win, hence the competitiveness this may lead many athletes to use performance enhancing drugs

                             Gender inequality in sponsorship


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    • Sponsors are unwilling to finance individuals and teams that don’t get good exposure- very limited amount of female
    • Sponsors want to be associated with the best athletes and there’s this vicious circle where viewers want to watch sports at the highest professional standard and sponsors want to be associated with the best athletes
    • The Women’s Sport and fitness foundation (WSFF) reported that in 2013 women’s sports received 7% of coverage and 0.4% of the total value of commercial sponsorship

                                       Team Rivalry

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