Welcome to the
High Confidence High Income
Mentoring Club!

  • Yes! You want to be mentored into high confidence in creating the VA101 assignments.
  • Yes! You want to receive the secrets of high income individuals - straight from Jomar himself - the materials he used to transition from mere employee to truly rich entrepreneur.
  • Yes! High income is for you - and you will finally understand - how businesses work and how you can make money from the internet - using this understanding - as a highly paid Content Marketing Strategist.
  • Here's how you'll be served in the High Confidence, High Income Club:
  1. For three months, you'll get Jomar's support multiple times a week in creating your assignment using our Secret Facebook Group.  You'll receive examples upon examples to COPY and get inspiration from.
  2. For three months, if you have questions, just post it in our Secret High Confidence High Income Club and we'll answer them!
  3. For your questions that require a longer answer - You'll enjoy one 60 minute webinar a month for three months.
  4. You'll receive a super short income-increasing lessons 3x a week for three months designed to "marinate" your mind to the truth that indeed, you deserve more that what you're getting today.  (3x a week, is "too much"? They're super short and let's face it - you NEED it).
  5. You'll receive the PRINTED BOOK of all the lessons given to you after the 3 month program - PRINTED/PUBLISHED for you!
  6. Depending on the number of people joining - you can also receive an additional 60 minute webinar and a live half-day meetup - monthly for three months.
  7. After the 3 months, you'll be automatically enrolled in the affordable Virtual Assistant League of Experts Premium Club (VLE) at P 1475/month to give you continuous support in levelling up your confidence and income using tactics and strategies of the VA's who's come before you.  (You may cancel at any time)

Here's your minimal investment for your future:

Full Payment: P 13,750  (valued at P 19,750)
Easy Monthly Installments: P 4,750 /3 months
After 3 months: P 1475 /month (Automatic Membership into the VA League of Experts Mentoring but you can cancel anytime)

Here's what you need to do now...