(A historical fiction story)

        "It was a terrible sight seeing all those animals dead in all that oil lying out in the water of the Gulf of Mexico." I thought to myself.

My friend Tywann thought it was very horrible too. But, it made me, Vintrel,  not want to go outside. When I saw that first baby duck dead I almost threw up but, I couldn't because so many people were around me. Little children were crying. I couldn't take it anymore so I went inside and started to play my game.  I heard my mom calling me to come outside. As I made it outside I saw lots of oil spread over the water. I thought to myself "There goes my summer of swimming."

As the CNN news arrive more and more people start to show up.I look at the water thinking about all the animals that's in the water.Then something catches my eye its a baby duck out in the water/oil and it is covered in oil trying to swim but, it can't its wings have to much oil on them."Can someone please help that duck",I shout as I her it cry.

"Be quiet",my mom tells me. But, I don't listen because looking at that baby duck made me think that I was looking at someone dead. Then I see some man throwing a net out in the water over the duck.Then he pulls it in.

"Can I have it",some old lady shouts.

"Yes indeed you can have just let us clean the little feller up and he will be all yours",the man shouts who just saved the baby duck.

" All man",I sign because I wanted the baby duck.

" What's wrong",my mom says,But I don't answer cause she should know what's wrong then I see my dad looking out the window at the oil. I run to the house to tell my dad what has happen but, by the time I get there he is in the bathroom so I wait in the kitchen for him to come out. I look out the window and see who's knocking at the door and its the CNN news trying to talk to me about what I saw and heard. I open the door and the first question they ask me is my name and how old am I.I start telling them about what I saw and how it made me feel and right when I start to talk my dad comes out and introduce himself to them.Then we hear a man scream and we go out to see what has happen to find a turtle dead in the water covered with oil.

The reporters pile up just to see the creature laying on the oil. My dads calls for me to come and ride with him to the store. When we get into the car he start asking me how long has the oil thing been going on. I say not that long then he stops the car when he sees a cat crossing the road and blows his horn to try to make it hurry up. I glance out the car window and see Tywann standing on the sidewalk."Hey dad can Tywann ride with", I ask.

"Yea sure but, he has to ask his parents first", He replies. I rolled down the window and ask Tywann do he want to ride and he says sure. Then he run in his and in 5 seconds he come back out and gets in the car. First, he says hey to my dad then starts talking to me about the oil spill.

"It's crazy out there at the water",Tywann says.

"I know,everyone is out there",I reply.

"Give it a few days it will die down",my dad tells us.When we make it to the towns grocery store we get out and go pick up some stuff for the house. When we leave out the grocery store on our way home we stop by a gas station and get us something to drink and snack on.When we get back home we see that a few people have left and some have shovels in the oil trying to get some out. I head inside to see mom in her garden cloths with 2 shovels for me and her. She tells me to go put on some outside working cloths so I can help try to get some oil out.

"When you get dressed come outside and help",mom shouts upstairs.

"Okay",I reply.When I get dress I start walking down stairs and my dad tells me that I don't have to help if I don't want to.But, I tell him I do want to help so I can swim this summer.I run outside and to my mom and grab my shovel and get to work. Then I realize that I am not the only child that is helping its Johnny from up the street and some of his cousins.Then theirs Billy from next door and his older brother.

Next thing I know we see firefighters coming and when they get out they say stand back. I look to see what they are here for and see a huge rig on fire and they say that's were all the oil came from.By the time they are done we go into the house because it's dark out and you can't see anything. I put on my nightclothes and get ready for bed. When I  start to go to sleep I hear a knock at my door so I open to see who it is and its Tywann with his sleeping bag and pillow. I ask him what is he doing here and he say that his mom had to go get his grandma and my dad told him that he could spend the night here with me.So we turn off the lights and go to sleep. When we wake up in the morning We hear people out there working. I turn on the TV to see the news and it shows what the oil spill has caused in every state. Fisher men are mad because they can't fish and and children are mad because they can't go swimming at the beaches.Many parents are mad because they had to cancel all vacations. As the days go on that's all you hear everyone talking about. The last day of the month and there is still plenty off oil in the water but,fewer to help clean up all that oil.As months go on it's less and less oil in the water. June 29,2012 I wake up to see no more oil and see children outside in the water. I go out to join them and I hear my dad say I told you it will die down in a few days.

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