Mobile Apps for K-12 Students

Apps can be a great resource to use in the classroom to promote mlearning and get the students involved, inspired, and engaged. Some great examples of Apps would be...


This app allows students to create a podcast. They can create podcasts on many different topics in and out of the school.

- To apply audioboo in a classroom, in a social studies setting, you could ask students to collect information about a election for example, and then have them create a podcast with information on all of the candidates running in the election to educate students on the candidates.

Bubble and Pebble Story

This app allows students to create characters or drawings and take them on adventures. It is allowing students to live vicariously through a fictional character that they came up with their own creative imagination.

- To apply Bubble and Pebble story in a classroom, in an language arts setting for example, children could be asked to take their character on an adventure and then write a story about what happened to their character on their adventure to share with the class.

Smurf Yourself

Smurf Yourself- This app allows students to actually create their own smurf character. They are able to add accessories, hair colour, dress them, and even give them a catch phrase.

- To apply this to the classroom you could possibly use it as an art activity. You could have the students use their creative skills to create their own smurf or smurfette using the app and then have them draw and colour their created smurf into a personal art journal or portfolio.

Screencast Omatic

This app allows students to create a screencast in a simple format. It is very easily accessible and cost free to students and teachers.

-To apply this in a classroom, through a science class, students could create a screencast of a topic that the teacher will have assigned to each group, for example volcanos. They will work collaboratively to create this screen cast and then share it with the class to further educate them on the topic that they were assigned.

Journal Jar

Students shake the app and this prompts them with a starting line.

- To apply this to a classroom, students could use this in many different ways. One being a prompt to writing a story for english. They could be asked to use the prompt to write a story and see where it goes, they could then potentially switch stories with a friend to continue building collaboratively. They could also use this in a drama class for improvisation. The students could shake the app and be given the prompt and be required to act out a scenario based on the idea.

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