Learning log
Dakoda Dalton

This is my dream house. we are making our dream houses and I think this is a pretty good house for me I wouldn't of known how to make it if Mr G didn't help me. So I would like to thank Mr G. I did work hard on this project for quiet a long time it might look easy but it is sort of hard. :)  

I love this photo it is just sensational that how good this photo looks. I could never get a photo looking so good.
This is when we were learning about the rule of thirds with an edited photo and a non-edited photo Of my friends feet.
this is an unusual point of view photo an edited photo and a non-edited photo.This is an photo of a big tree.
this is a photo of a gate near on the gym. i changed the colour of gate it was yellow to green.
this is a project we were doing it is called animation pivot
this is what i have been learning in digital-tech i have had a lot of fun with it. it is my first game i have made. i hope
i hate this it took me forever to make i don't ever want to do this again but i actually done it finally it looks pretty good to me :)

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