Why Does Everyone Love WordPress?

There are several website platforms to choose from, but WordPress is far and away the most popular. Since its inception, WordPress has managed to separate itself from the competition in a variety of ways by using an approach that is substantially different from the website platforms of the past. However, that alone is not the only reason why WordPress is so popular.

Here are five reasons why everyone seemingly loves WordPress and its ability to create beautiful, functional websites for all types of purposes.

Easy Website Creation

Arguably the most popular reason why so many people from professional web developers to people who have never built a website before love WordPress is that it is dirt simple to create a website. Unlike other website platforms that require specific training, understanding code, or have complicated features that need to be installed, WordPress simplifies and streamlines the process so that you have a fully functional website in a fraction of the time.

Great Design

The overall design of WordPress is not only impressive, it is very intuitive which means that the next logical step you should take in expanding the website is easy to see and to perform. Many professional web designers have embraced WordPress because of its incredible design that allows for experimentation and quick changes to separate their work from others.

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization (SEO) is still the most powerful, passive means of advertising the products, services, or information from a website. WordPress allows for easy SEO so that the website can go online quickly and start pulling in new potential customers. Plus, adding new content or making changes to the pages is a snap which means that it can be done quickly and easily even for those who may not know much about website construction.

Strong Community

Because much of WordPress is open-sourced, there is a vast community dedicated to providing the changes that web designers need to help create a powerful website. Virtually every day there is a new type of plugin, design, or template that can be purchased or accessed which makes designed a website fun and productive. Thanks to this strong community, WordPress offers arguably the best website platform for new web designers and is the easiest for those new to this field to learn.


If there is a heart to WordPress, it lies in the many different plugins that are available. Instead of having to recode or re-design a website to make a change, WordPress is designed around plugins that can be added or subtracted quickly. This means that a new type of feature takes seconds to upload as a plugin where it can be tested and used. Plugins save time, effort, and energy when it comes to creating a great website.

Overall, the design of WordPress is nothing short of phenomenal which is why so many people love it. Today, you’ll find more web designers using WordPress and it is often the first choice of people who want to design their own sites.