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What's New in Lev Chana Haiku?

Did you hear about the experiment the children did in room 8? What about the interactive SMARTBOARD lesson in room 6? Did you see the gigantic dreidels the children in room 9 built? Wasn’t that a great video of the SKA girls “Reading Buddies Club” reading to the children in Room 2? Did you see how excited the children in room 3 were when they climbed on to the fire truck? Weren’t the children in room 12 adorable when they sang the Chanukah song during music with Morah Karen? Do you know how many sight words are on the children’s word ring in room 11?

The answers to these questions and the many details about what goes on in each classroom at Lev Chana, can be found on each classes' Haiku pages. Teachers in the preschool have taken the task of setting up and updating their weekly Haiku pages with enthusiasm and creativity. Haiku has provided us with a colorful, inviting and effective forum to let parents know what goes on in their child’s class every week. Parents can read about math lessons, reading strategies, Parsha highlights, and what the dramatic play center has become. Parents can also share in their children’s daily activities through pictures of the fun, play and excitement that their children are involved in throughout the day.

Parents have given us great feedback! “It was so much fun singing the color song with my child while following on the video on Room 5’s Haiku page.” “Seeing those pictures really helps me understand the activity my child in Room 4 was describing.” “Those Parsha questions are such a helpful guide when we sit down at the Shabbat table.” “I want to hear more details about that fantastic math game the children in room 7 played this week!”

Our teachers have embraced all that Haiku offers with keenness and excitement and continually find additional ways to use its pages. It has become a tool for sharing innovative ideas. To the delight of children and parents alike, our teachers have begun including short videos of important events, such as our Chanukah workshops and short clips of our children singing and dancing during music. Future plans include filming our children during specific parts of the day, whether it be at dramatic play, constructing magnificent structures, or learning a new concept. For parents, we plan to film our teachers teaching specific skills that we would like carried through at home in a specific way, i.e. Wilson’s Fundations handwriting verbalizations and technique, or questions one might ask children when reading with them. The opportunities are endless and we look forward to the challenge of finding new ways to utilize Haiku at Lev Chana!

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