Exploration Proposal

By: Amal Ali

My name is Amal Ali. I am from the country of Switzerland.

Other countries, such as Spain and France, have been sending explorers to North America, to explore and receive new resources and goods. I have heard that many other men have been proposing to explore for your country, but I believe that I would be the best explorer. Please sit back, Queen Elizabeth, and enjoy this presentation on why I would be the best explorer to send to the land of North America.

What year do I plan to begin my expedition?

I plan to begin my expedition during the year of 1584. I will leave by ship, with a group of men that have been specifically chosen, by me, to go on this expedition with me.

What resources do I plan to get?

Other European explorers have and are looking for and getting the following resources: gold, silver, other valuable minerals, more land to conquer for their countries, flavorful and exotic spices, building materials to build fantastic castles for their rulers and decent houses for their people, more and new resources for food, shelter, and clothing, and silk. I plan to look for and get these resources, as well, but I also have a few things to add to the list. I will also look for and get furs that you may keep, furs that I will trade along the way and in England for wealth, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, and coal, which also adds to list of other valuable minerals.

Why do I choose to look for and get these resources?

There are several reasons behind why I choose to look for and get these certain resources.

The first reason is because all of these resources can serve a very helpful purpose.

The second reason is because you, Queen Elizabeth, would like to have all these resources on hand as a ruler and all of these resources on hand for your people.

The third reason is because I would like to have these resources for myself and my country, as well. I do not mean that I would not like you and your country to have them. I would like both of our countries, myself, and you to all have these resources on hand.

The fourth reason is because I, my people, and your people could create amazing things using these resources. We could create amazing crowns of silver and emeralds for you, fantastic castles to house you, beautiful homes for my people and your people, delicious and scrumptious foods, and so on.

The fifth reason is because having these resources would really improve both of our countries. We could sell the resources to other countries for wealth. We could give all of the poor people out there a decent house and good amount of food. We could give all of the farm animals that our people own a good, solid, sound barn with plenty of food, which would then give us more animals, which would then give us even more food.

What obstacles do I expect to encounter, and how will I overcome them?

I will expect rough seas, giant waves, and many storms at sea. To overcome these obstacles, I will steer the ship south and navigate the ship around the obstacles. If all else fails, I will have to postpone the expedition and wait for the obstacle to pass, slow down, or calm. On land, I expect to encounter the Native peoples and other European explorers (please see the next paragraph). I also expect to encounter natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and so on. I will navigate myself and my crew of men around the natural disaster, as with the journey at sea.

How will I handle conflict with either the Native peoples or other European explorers?

Other European explorers that have gone to the land of North America and come back have told tales of meeting the Native peoples and other European explorers. The only way, they have said, to handle conflict with these peoples is to chain them, kill them, or force them to work. I, however, think much differently.

Even though other European explorers have only one way to deal with anyone they meet while on their expedition, I have more than one way. If it comes to the point where I must chain them, kill them, or force them to work, I will do what is necessary. If I do not have to do this, then I will take a different approach. I will try to work with whoever I meet, so we may both get the resources we are looking for and learn more about how to adapt to the environment around us. The reason why this is much more useful approach is because there is no point in killing people or forcing them to work when there is no proper reason.

What other European countries are exploring the land of North America now?

Germany, France, Spain, and our country are all exploring the land of North America right now. Please see the above paragraphs for further information.

Where in North America do I plan to explore, and why do I choose to explore this part?

I plan to explore the eastern and southwestern parts of North America. The reason why I choose to explore eastern North America is because it is abundant in many of the resources I plan to look for. It is abundant in the building resources I plan to get, the food resources I plan to get, some of the valuable minerals I plan to get, and so on. The same applies to why I choose to explore the southwestern part of North America. It is abundant in many of the resources I plan to get.


Queen Elizabeth-

This is a personal message from me. I really hope you choose to me to explore the land of North America. I promise to get you all the resources I have listed in the above paragraphs. If you would like more resources, please say so. I promise to get all the resources that you would like. If you choose me, I will come back with a huge change for our countries. I will turn our countries from extraordinary into phenomenally amazing. So, I kindly ask you to choose me.

Kind and warm regards,

Amal Ali

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