Also how it affects the immune system

This is what pure alcohol looks like

Alcohol is mayde with a lot of fermented fruit, vegetables, and sorts of grains. Alcohol is used in a lot of beverages that only people above 21 years of age should be able to drink. It has a lot to do with religion.

●No one knows when Alcohol wss first used

●The human body produces its own alcohol naturally.

●Anyone under 21 year's of age will be arrested if cought drinking a beverage with alcohol

● Alcohol can damage brain cells

●Acohol, if drinked without care may cause accident thhat could be fatal.

How Alcohol affects the immune system

The way that Alcohol affects the immune system is by, reducing white blood cells and Alcohol combines with red blood cells and cuases something called

"blood sludging"when this happenz it could cuase the blood to clog in small blood vessels in the body.Also Alcohol destroys nutrients in the immune system that you will need.

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