Area of il Spill

This is the my work. I found the Length and I times it by 15 and then I found the width and then I also times it by 15 and then what I got for both numbers I multiplied them together and got the area. I did this for each shape I found. Then to find the total area I added all the numbers I got for each little section.

The total area spill was 30753.6 Miles


1. I do think my area is the exact same. I think this because I measured each little space I could find on my paper. And I also followed instructions, I multiplied by 15 on the length and width then multiplied those together then I added the length and width together. That is why I think I did get the exact same.

2. I expected it to be less then the number I got, because the number I got is pretty big but the oil spill is pretty big too, so I think it's a good number for this oil spill. I think they compare good because the oil spill is big and the number I got would be accurate for this oil spill.

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