Springfield Culture

Welcome to the Country of Springfield!


The country of Springfield was founded by the man himself " Isaiah Springfield," who was a settler from an advanced, high-tech country named Fusion.  Isaiah left the busy, over crowded, technologically advanced country in search of a peaceful place where there was minimal to almost non-existent technology.  It took Springfield years to find the country we know as of today "Springfield."  He discovered a small piece of open land, maybe the only piece left on Earth, around the year 2007.  He built the country under the terms that no technology would be introduced and over rule human life.  His mission was for the citizens of Springfield to live a peaceful, free of technology, tranquil life.  He created the country and made it a home to many of the people living there today.


The people in Springfield live in modern day homes.  All the cities in Springfield are about the same size.  The population ranges between 50,000-100,000 people.  People come from all over the world to settle in Springfield primarily people over the age of 50.  It's rare that you see young adults primarily teenagers because they live in the rest of the world where technology is dominant.  The architecture is very simple, regular 2-3 bedroom homes,  same size and  shape.  Residents who live in apartments are only about 5 stories high with no elevators just stairs.  

Creative Expressions:

The people of Springfield are very active because the majority of people walk rather than drive.  You will see very few cars on the streets since they're considered a luxury rather than a necessity.  People spend lots of time outdoors since it is filled with parks and lakes where people can sit, relax, and socialize.   Everyone knows each other.  That is why you will NEVER see anyone with a cellphone because they are not sold in Springfield nor they are permitted.  Springfield is known for its food!  Springfield offers a variety of different food choices from around the world, so many people like to go eat out.  Everything is grown locally.  


The country protects itself by local police or the military.  Springfield is in partnership with other countries, so it s rare that they can start a war.  Local police are always on duty 24/7 and they are pretty good at they're job.  The citizens of Springfield feel safe for the most part due to the fact that everyone knows everyone else.  Since there are no cell phones handy, there are telephone booths located throughout the cities for emergency purposes.   When they need help, they can contact the local police or take force themselves by following the right to defend yourself amendment(the amendment grants that you may take action if anyone is violating your property).

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