My 7th Grade Year
By: Mary O'Neill

My 10 most memorable moments

1. Nationals

   Diving is my sport. I dive five to six days a week. In the spring there is diving nationals. Nationals was in Greensboro, North Carolina. It is a non qualifier synchronized event so you just show up to compete against the best of the country. Me and my synchronized partner dove off of five meter and three meter. We got fourteenth on one meter and twentieth on five meter. The diving meet was one of the highlights of my year. On the way down in Sidney's RV we play the song, Hall of Fame. My diving team is my second family.


2. Regional

   Regionals is also another diving meet. It is an individual meet and if you get top fifteen on one meter, three meter, or five meter, you can qualify for zone in the summer. Regionals was at Ohio State. I got fourth on one meter and second on three meter. I didn't compete platform because you didn't need to compete platform (five meter) to qualify on it for zones.

3. Rabbits

   Every year for the last seven years I have show rabbits at the Geauga County Fair. I have two netherland dwarf bunnies. The boys name is Zuzz and my girls name is Clairy. Zuzz is a black otter and Clairy is a chocolate otter. I love my bunnies so much.

4. Chickens

   I began showing chickens at the Geauga County Fair one year ago. My least favorite part was showmanship because one of my four birds was misbehaving and the group before us took forever so we had to wait outside with our chickens for about an hour in the hot summer sun. When I sold them I got about $430 from selling four chickens for fifteen dollars a pound.

5. Camp Mowana

   At camp, Hailey and Lydia were sitting on Lydia's bunk. Then a spider drops from the ceiling onto Hailey. Hailey jumped off the bed and onto the floor. She was so paranoid that she wouldn't sit down for three hours.

   Every night, except Friday, the whole girls camp would gather around a fire and sing camp songs. Then  we would be called up by cabin to make smores and go back to our cabins. This was one of my favorite things about camp.

6. Mexico:

Over the summer I went to Mexico. We went with my cousins, aunts, and uncles. It was one of my favorite vacations ever. We went to a hotel right off the coast. On the last day, we went para shooting over the water attached to the boat. My mom accidentally chose the para shoot that went the highest. It was one of my favorite moments. The food was amazing. It was inspired by a different country every night.

7. Cheer:

  In seventh grade I made the football cheer squad. Over the summer was a cheer camp that was mandatory. It taught the squad the dance, and two chants. Then during cheer season, we would have practice everyday and learn new chants while perfecting the dance. We would ride the bus to away games and even if we were late by half the game, we would cheer. One game there was a tornado warning and we had to hide inside until it was over. That game was very crazy.

8. Gymnastics:

  On Monday's I would go to gymnastics at Chery's gymnastics and Beyond for one session. It was a floor tumbling class so it helped my diving with the conditioning. I learned a whip back, front flip pike, and did training in the belt such a double back.

9. Riding:

  While my horses are gone, I usually ride at Chagrin Valley. This year I rode with the instructor Sherley. Her horse Paige was my favorite. She was really fast like a motorcycle and loved to jump. I miss Paige because she was fun to ride, but now I have to train my horse Linda to jump. Linda and my other three horses go to graze in Virginia in the winter.

10. Track:

  My school offers track. I ran the four by two with three other people. We weren't the best, we weren't the worst either. Track was hard work but it was a lot of fun. Also, I tried high jump but I didn't get to compete because the eight graders could jump higher than me. In all, I liked track and it made my seventh grade year better than before.

School Events


   One of my favorite moments in reading was holding the court against Grace. It took 40 minutes and Grace wasn't even there to protest that she didn't read ahead in And Then There Were None. The court proved her guilty And Then There Were None was a GREAT book.

   My favorite project in reading was the face for Uglies. It showed that people were different and could change. The deeper thinking side was so much fun when you thought of something, because you would be so proud of your work.


   My favorite class was science. It was so much fun to do the projects. They were challenging but not so challenging it wouldn't be fun. My favorite part was taking short walks to the tree outside. My favorite project was when you had to show a diagram of the water cycle, nitrogen cycle, and oxygen cycle.


   Camp made my seventh grade year so much fun. My favorite activity was the camouflage games. The girl won 2-0. I got the flag once while McKinley and Hailey dove to try and tag me. Also, arts and crafts were a blast. I took the lanyards onto the bus to do something but I fell asleep instead. My cabin taught me how to play volleyball outside of our cabin, Tecumseh. Tecumseh was one of the older cabins. We had to hang towels on the windows to keep the cabin warm because it was really cold but that didn't work.

A La Carte:

   Lunch is great. It was the one part of the school day that I could rest and just talk to my friends. It made me more relaxed for my next class of projects. Also, dances are a great time. You can't go running around the gym as a seventh grader. Usually your dancing by the eight graders and getting snacks in the Betty Paton room.


Every day is a gift. If you throw that gift away then you only have the past to live for. Take the present and run with it.

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There are still sparkles on Isabel's floor.

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