David Albon - Good Business Practices

Good business practices are extremely important in a world with so much competition. Businesses do well in a private market, go public, do well, and then things get hairy. They have to keep making things look better and better. A business that grows stale will start to lose money due to the way the stock market works. Instead of encouraging good products and taking care of employees, low price-points, and better margins are stressed unfailingly. Think for a moment about a company like McDonald's, for instance. Can you think of an experience where an employee was extremely polite and helpful? How about two experiences? Now think of any store or company that pays their employees well. Was your experience different? It is likely you had a better experience at the place where employees were better paid. It is also likely that McDonald's makes more money.

The lowest tier of jobs are all of the same caliber, almost anywhere you go. Businesses skim on paying employees what they are worth because the business could always just go get a different employee to fill the spot. Whether this is actually true or not is not actually important. A business that does not care about its employees cannot hope to develop or keep employees with good customer service. Unless they are extremely cheap, like McDonald's. The downside to the cheap cost and cheap labor model is that customer service becomes a program and a goal, instead of a policy.

David Albon has conducted his work in a way that his clients and customers know they come first. Since his young life, he has worked to gain clients and do what needed to be done to retain them. Money is not his top priority, and it shows through in the quality of his labor.

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