Baby Sign Language

Brylee Manes  3rd hour

Background Info:

Baby sign language is a way of introducing communication to infants before they can talk, enabling them to express their feelings, wishes and needs.

Facts about how to teach it:

1. Get an ASL dictionary, start signing, repeat the word and the sign as often as you can during the interaction; babies need the repetition in order to learn.

2. Start by introducing signs that your baby will use frequently every day, and that your child is motivated to learn. We recommend the following five signs: mom,dad,eat,milk,cat or dog.

3. Reward progress with praise & attention and grow vocabulary, based on baby’s interests.

                                                     Benefits/why to use it:

1. Less fussing and more fun

2. Creates a closer parental bond

3. Boosts brain development


What it does for babies:

It lets them communicate even if they don't have their first word. As they learn more words, their frustration levels drop dramatically.

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