Email Etiquette

Cale Kober

You should not talk in all caps it is know as online screaming. Do not spam people over and over with unwanted emails, Because it might make they angry. Do not reply to spam messages or you might get viruses. Always put your name with your messages so then people know who they are talking to. Be careful with what you send if it is embarrassing to have that email read then it does not belong out in public because it can stay there for ever once it is there there is no getting it off. Mind your manners read it aloud to yourself first it could be mean. When you are emailing a teacher always include your full name and your period so then you can get a grade instead of missing homework. Try to keep your emails brief so then they won't take for ever to read. Check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors before clicking send so then they know exactly what you are trying to send.

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