Food Food ( Marketing Mix)

Our Company and How We Overcome the 4p's.

Marketing Mix
Price, Product, Promotion and Place

Product- We had a good quantity and supply of food. We sold what the public wanted (drinks and cupcakes) and sold out a lot of our product with ease.  Coca Cola sell a wide range of drinks other than just Coke so they can expand with a wide range of products.

Place- We chose a location where beverages were wanted but not being sold. We selected the location with the least businesses and most customers. You can buy Coca Cola from many places including: cinema, restaurants, corner shops, supermarkets and petrol stations.

Promotion- We chose to advertise our stall by making posters and place them around the school. We however did not get enough posters around the school, so we let Milan and Jamie promote their product and subsequently bring in customers to us. Coca Cola promotes in many ways like trucks and sponsors, sponsors are a great way to promote a product as your business can expand through other businesses.

Price- We chose to price our cakes at a reasonable price that people agreed was good, the price never exceeded 80p per product but doubled our profit and more. While selling, we used the technique of price skimming, starting prices of high and gradually reducing price of the coca cola.