Becoming an Entrepreneur

As many people try to move away from the corporate world and look towards the world of entrepreneurship, a lot of myths and misconceptions arise. Perhaps some of these misconceptions can be attributed to social culture, the media, or insights that come through the grapevine. Often, these such information can cause an individual to go into entrepreneurship when they have no business doing so, or stay on the job when their talents could be better utilized elsewhere.

With that in mind, here are a few misconceptions regarding entrepreneurship.

You have complete control over your schedule

Yes and no. While the image you probably see of successful entrepreneurs is them wiling the time away in travel and other fun activities, they most probably slaved away at the beginning – working hours that surpassed the corporate “8 to 5.”

While it’s true that entrepreneurs are their own bosses, they are accountable to someone – a client, partners, or shareholders.

I can do it on my own

When starting with limited capital, you most probably will require to wear many hats. However, it becomes more effective to hire people to cater to tasks/areas you are not well-trained to handle. If your business needs a website, it’s rather risky to take on the job if don’t know your way around web design and coding.

More clients is good for business

Early on, it can be rather tempting to take on any client that likes your work. But you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin, thus denying attention to other important aspects of the business. Don’t try to please everyone.

Juleigh Sitton is a successful attorney and consultant who has worked in law for more than 20 years.

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