Collin Nelson S&E Marketing Final

Evaluate A Movie Poster

I Think they did a great job on this movie poster. On the first part of drawing attention they did a good job with using a large image that takes up most of the poster. The image was also pretty shocking, the way the guys face was splitting and the is a young boy inside his face, making me wonder what the movie is about. They also had large, bold text that caught my attention placed in a good spot. The last thing the did to draw my attention was use bold colors. The bright red over the all dark poster really stands out when looking at the poster and makes you want to look at it. On the second part they did an good job on telling what the movie is about. They have the kid inside the man and then a question "who's playing you" that sorta tells you that the man in the movie is going to be played by a kid. And on the last part about getting people to want to watch the move, I think they did a good job. When i saw the poster it made me want to watch the movie, they gave us some information but left you wanting more. So overall I believe they did a great job on this movie poster.

TV Top 3 marketing strategies

I think the strategy of creating more shows targeted to smaller audiences. I think this is a good strategy because there are so many people that want so many different thing and like so many things. Sure you could just make a show and for everyone but not everyone would like it and if you aim to satisfy the smaller groups you can make more people want to see your shows and therefor make more money.

The promoting is also a very strong strategy in my opinion. You can get people more into the show by getting them physically engaged by going online and doing something. By going online or doing something they will feel more involved in the show and they will most likely want to watch more. By promoting they will get many more people to watch the show when it originally airs, which will make it so the people have to watch the commercials. And that helps because the commercials pay for the shows to be played.

Another strong strategy is the distribution. Not only are there many channels with different programming options, but now it's very easy to watch the show after it originally airs using internet connection with a computer or mobile device. This works good because people don't have to just wait around for shows that the miss, they can just go look it up and watch it. I believe that this is a strong strategy because I have personally got hooked on shows that my friends told me to look up and watch that I most likely would not have watch if not for things like Netflix,

Top Three Marketing Strategies For Movies

I think movie trailers and TV commercials are the most important strategy for movie promotion. It gives people a glimpse into the plot, special effects, and the humor and/or drama in the movie. People see these and get a feel about what the movie will be like and how good it is going to be. These leave the people wanting more and wanting to see the movie as soon as possible.

The second best one in my opinion would be Billboards and radio advertisements. These are good because people see the commercials and trailers but then dont really get to do anything until the movie comes out. But when they are driving or listening to the radio they hear about or see the movie and they think about it. And it is a strong strategy if you can get someone to think about the movie.

I think the next best strategy is TV appearances by actors. This is a strong strategy because people like to feel a personal connection with the actors in the movies. And when the go on talk shows they talk about their life and they talk about the movie. When they talk about how the movie is made people get interested and want to see the movie even more so they understand how it works.

Important Things For Artist To Remember

If you decide not to sign with a label you will have little to no chance that you get very much exposure beyond your small geographic area because you don't have the money resources, and connections to spread the word about your band and your music. But its not all that bad because you have total control over your band and who you share your music with,where you play, what you play and how long you play for. I think it would be better to not sign with big label, because i would rather have full control over my life.

My Own TV Show

My show would be called "The First Steps" the show would be about the life of a high school football player with a promising college and pro career. The show would follow his everyday life from a freshmen to his senior year, showing his games and practices. The show will follow three kids per season and you will get to know each one of them. My marketing plan for the show would start with who is going to watch my show and who I should market it to. I would market the show to teens that are into sports and life stories. I would would then think about where my show should be watched, I would try and get my show on some sort of sports channel where my intended audience will most likely be watching. I would then start making commercials and web pages to get the information about the show out there and have a place for people to go ask questions and show their friends. Because if one person shows friend about the show our commercial worked and it is like a chain reaction one tells a friend who tells a friend and so on. I would then start playing the show and keep getting websites and blogs to get more fans.

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