Creating A Caring Classroom

By: Tiffany Tran

Positive Relationships

Everybody wants to feel valued even students. Building a good relationship with a student can make the student more willing to do their work. It is important to give all students an equal opportunity to participate. When teachers fail to recognize particular students then they are communicating a low level of confidence in them. Teachers should try to call on students who are off task or at low level of their academics. Over time you will notice their improvement.

Student to student relationships are also important. Students are taught that good friends each other down or hurt each other's feelings. Good friends can disagree without hurting each other's feeling. In the beginning of the year teachers may have an activity that makes students interview each other. This allows students to get to know each other or know them better.


Teachers desire for their students to have respect for their classmates. They also have to be the model of respect by showing respect. Group work can break down barriers. It make students learn about their classmates as an individual. Respect can open the doors of constructive criticism without hurting someone else's feelings. This can lead to better performance on tasks.  Disrespect should never be tolerated.  For example, teachers may make a disrespectful student apologize to another student for their manners. That way the student in the wrong knows not to do it again and other students will know not to be disrespectful.  

Student Involvement

Students want to feel just as important as you. Their feedback is valuable. It makes them feel significant. They are capable of coming up with solutions. Students can even share ideas on helping the class routine. Life can be easier with student feedback. Teachers can build class bonds by asking for everybody's feedback. A sense of responsibility is developed through feedback.

Teachers should also try to make sure their students are absorbing knowledge everyday. Students may be distracted by texting, grooming, whispering, or even daydreaming. Either way they are not learning.

Class Identity

Students should see themselves as a group because it makes a sense of community. This is very much like a sports teams. Encouragement from the teacher helps connections grow. Classroom routines, traditions, and whole experiences help strengthen these bonds. Whole experiences are like field trips  and special group activities. Even like having the class read a book as a class. No matter what you'll be with your class for 9 months. It's very important the class has a strong bond and is comfortable with each other.

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