Civil Rights

by: Destiny Riggins

Martin Luther King Jr.

   Martin Luther King Jr. was very important because he was a huge impact and affect to the Civil Rights Movement. He created speeches to influence others and express his feelings or thoughts among the people to get them to be a part of the movement for equal rights. He's beliefs created changes among the country .He also had marches that brought people together as one to fights for equal rights for everyone. He was one of the protestors who tried to end racism and wanted justice .He helped the Civil Rights Movement by  doing things that helped blacks interact with whites meaning like it helps them get along better.

   Martin Luther King Jr. had a connection to the state of Georgia because he was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He also had a church he attended at that he preached at .He graduated from Booker T. Washington High School and later attended school at Morehouse where he met Benjiman Mays as he's mentor. 

Lester Maddox

    Lester Maddox is an important man because he once an segregationist that was a restaurant owner he refused to serve black costumers, so he closed his business. He then later decided to become the governor of Georgia that man him an important man to Georgia. As governor, he recognize blacks needed improvement in their lives. He also was the first governor to allow citizens to visit the governor's mansion to discuss their opinions and concerns to him.

    Lester Maddox impacted the Civil Rights Act by coming to Georgia against segregation. As governor he built new that was an issue  with many of the African Americans in Georgia. He hired more African Americans to government positions than all previous Georgia governors combined, he also was the first black officer in the Georgia State Patrol and the first black official to the state Board of Corrections.


March on Washington

    March on Washington helped the Civil Rights Movement because in 1963 America had seen many civil rights demonstrations into violence against the demonstrators. March on Washington was for jobs and freedom that was helpful to African Americans .This march was important because it influence many people for equal rights among everyone in the country. The day after the march, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous speech "I Have A Dream" because he wanted to end racism towards African Americans .

    The March on Washington had a connection to Georgia because it influence citizens to unite as one and fight for their equal rights .This march affected Georgia because it created changes such as discrimination in restrooms, restaurants, and theatre.

Civil Rights Act of 1964

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 influence Georgia because of the Albany Movement .It was successful movements in the history.  Civil Rights Movement in Albany, Georgia had student groups refusing to follow segregation laws. Albany, Georgia was chosen by the SNCC to help voter registration drives.This Civil Right Act of 1964 was important because it helped blacks to stand up for their equal rights and voting abilities .It was one of the affects that helped end racism .This act had a huge impact in history.