Navin Raheja emphasizes on having dedicated agency to name the roads

Finding locations on the maps and geographical information systems is far easier than mapping up a way to reach them in reality. This is precisely because there is a dearth of directions signs that could guide you to your destination. And the authorities are superb at passing the buck when it comes to taking the accountability for the same.

President of National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), Navin Raheja, feels that the government should devise a special agency, dedicated to name the roads and put up appropriate signage so as to facilitate the maneuvering by increasing the commuters’ awareness. This would help them in mapping out the proper way to reach their destination. This has been said with respect to a common problem that is faced by the commuters on a regular basis. The roads aren’t named officially and after a while adapt to the common name given to them by the locals based on some important landmark. This makes a road tougher to be traced by someone who isn’t familiar with the colloquial name for it and rather depends upon geographical information systems and maps.

There is an ardent desire for a government agency that takes care of the situation and installs proper signage and names the roads appropriately. Navin Raheja, who is also the Chairman and MD of the Raheja Developers, believes that such a step will greatly help people to reach their destination easily.