Exploration Proposal

                                                              By: Ananya Raam

Dear Henry VII,

In this year of 1502, we need to conquer new land and spread Christianity and our power across fresher lands as well. As I am loyal to my birth country, England,  my instinct is to come to you and present my piece.

Where I'll Go

Firstly, as our first explorer, John Cabot, has explored the northern part of this new land, I wish to head further down south near the coast to see what new resources might lie there and spread our realm in that area as well. There may be new resources to solve our problems, like the plague, and land to claim. Other countries are out there, so we need to get there first.

Interaction With Natives

If I run into any Natives, I'll ignore them if they seem defensive and suspicious. I'll trade goods and ideas if they seem friendly. I won't start a fight, but I won't back out if they do.

Interaction With Explorers

If I meet any explorers, I will ignore and avoid them. I will not start a fight, but I will fight for England if they do.

Problems and  How to Overcome Them

I expect to run into many obstacles, and I will be as prepared as possible. During our journey, I expect to run into storms. I will take three, sturdy ships, in case if we lose one, so that the others can still make it. I will also find the most trustworthy shipmates to be on board of each ship. Another problem might be hunger and thirst. As I cannot see into the future, I cannot judge how long we will be traveling. But to take precaution, I shall take as much food and water as I can carry. I also expect to come across enemies, such as unfriendly Native Americans and explorers. If we do come across an enemy, I will ignore them, but will fight for England if they start one. To be prepared for this, I will take the best fighters I can find and weapons.

What Might Happen if I Don't Go

My king, if you're still not convinced, France and Spain are going to get out there and claim the land that they are also looking for, for themselves. If we don't go now, we shall not be able to claim land and spread our realm. We could uncover new resources that might fall in the wrong hands if we don't move fast. The land that they are looking for will soon become theirs instead of ours. If I don't go, our empire will become miniature compared to Spain and France. The amount of money needed for this trip is nothing compared to what we might uncover in the new land. Please think about how much this proposal will affect the economy of England and your empire.


                                                 Ananya Raam

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