Hello, my name is Ethan Tackenberg. I am a seventh grader at Boles Jr. High. My favorite subject in school is math. Math is part of the STEM program along with science, Technology, and Engineering.

I favorite sport to play is football. My two favorite NFL teams are the Dallas Cowboys and the Cleveland Browns. The position I want to ply is Wide Receiver.

Outside of school, I am involved with scouts. As of right now, I am a Life Scout. If I keep working hard, I will get my Eagle at the age of 14.

The place I want to go to college at is Iowa. Iowa is my favorite college team also. Their mascot is a Hawkeye.

The other college that I want to go to is UTA. UTA is a college where you can get an engineering degree. Their mascot is a Maverick.

The job I want after football is to be an engineer. There are many kinds of engineers such as mechanical, electrical, aerospace, civil, Geo-technical, chemical, computer, online, environmental, architectural, bio, construction, mechatronics, robotics, software,etc.