Man Lands a Gyrocopter on the U.S Capitol Lawn

By Max

         On April 15th, at around 1:20 PM, a man landed a gyrocopter on the lawn of the U.S Capitol Building, one of the most protected airspaces in the entire country. It caused the Capitol to be temporarily shut down for security reasons. The pilot of the small aircraft is named Doug Hughes, who was arrested shortly after his "stunt". He said that his plan was to deliver 535 letters, one to each member of Congress, to protest against campaign finance laws. Officials say that the reason the gyrocopter wasn't shot down was because it was flying so low, that it couldn't be detected on radar systems. This seems to be the second incident of unauthorized aircraft entering U.S Official airspace in the past year, which has caused many people to question the safety of the capital.

The gyrocopter as it was found on the Capitol lawn.

An Interview with Doug Hughes:                                                                                                               (Not a real interview)

Me: What motivated you to fly into the Capitol and carry out your plan?

Hughes: I don't want to have to see this country fall. What motivated me was the motivation to motivate others to take a stand and actually do something to benefit America.

Me: How long were you planning to invade the Capitol?

Hughes: It took me about 2 1/2 years to meticulously think out my plan. Most of the thinking involved whether I should do it or not.

Me: Would you consider yourself a true patriot to your country?

Hughes: Absolutely. I did what I did to inspire people to fight for our freedoms. I like to consider myself a modern day Paul Revere.

Map of the restricted airspace around the White House and the Capitol Building.

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