All About Me!!:)

By Cali Park

Desert Elite Mavericks Cheerleading

I love cheerleading because I get to do back flips, stunt, and go to competitions all around the world.

This is my friends and I at one of our competitions in Palm Springs.

One of the cheer moms got me this bow in Texas.

We have to put our hair up in a certain way for competitions.

We got cool leather Jackets and a big trophy from one of our competitions in Texas.

This is a picture of Caitlin, my coach, Marco, and I at one of our competitions. I have been a cheerleader for 5 years and I love it.

I also go to a great school with a lot of awesome friends and St. Theresa is a very fun school.

Our principle Mr. Keno is very cool, he has style, and he makes everything fun.

We all join together to be one community.

One more thing I would never forget is my family. I have a caring family that cares about me very much.

Maybe not Megan, but I know she will love me sometime.

I have two dogs, one is named Sugar, and one is named Picasso. They are the best dogs I could ever have. They are very funny too Sugar barks at me all the time for no reason and wherever I go Picasso follows me.

I have a very busy life ,but at least my parents make sure I have fun. And that is all about me!!

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