The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

Everardo Garcia

Before I read The Gardener I though this book would be about mystery and scary.

Evolution is a change in heritable traits of biological populations over successive generations.

Autotroph is an organism that produces complex organic compounds from simple substances.

Heterotroph is an organism that cannot fix carbon and uses organic carbon for growth.

Photosynthesis is the process of converting light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar.

My favorite questions are..............

1.Is Masons dad the gardener?

Yes Masons father is the gardener.

2.Why does his mother keep secrets?

His mom keep secrets because she dint wanted him to know that  his dad is alive and what he works on.

The setting

The setting of story was at Trodyn where everything happened and almost all the problems are in there.

I think human experimentation is a bad idea because what if something went wrong and they kill them or hurt this people and this is cruel.

A climate change is a global or regional climate patterns,and attributed largely to the  increased levels of atmospheric carbon monoxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.

Food crisis people who is hungry and they dont have money to buy food and this is a problem because the people is suffering.

When the weather change it could be bad because it changes from hot to colder and we can get sick.The food crisis is also more bad because you dont have nothing to eat and they are so hungry.So the climate change affect the food crisis because if somebody plants food but if is so hot it could get dry and when it gets colder the food can get froze or rotten.And the food is bad and you could not eat the food.

Sorry by Prince E.A is telling us that the earth is going so bad because the people who cut down trees for money .Prince E.A was telling sorry for the next seventh generations because the planet would be a mess.

The karner blue is a butterfly, it lives on the wild lupine and the problem is that he is loosing the habitat.

I think the butterfly is important to the gardener because the girl and Masons father have the same tattoo and I think this means that they have to be together.

The Seventh Generation Principle is important in The gardener and Dear future generations'; sorry  they have a lot of things in common,like climate change,population,future generations,food crisis and world huger.All these things are in both stories and all are bad for the planet.

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