Travis Johnson S&E Final

Movie Poster:

This movie is called "Jumper" and it starts out by grabbing our attention by using large images of the Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower and this guy coming out of the picture. The title is written across in bold letters to attract our attention, it also has movies that the producer made across the top of the poster, so if we liked those movies we would like these. this poster lets us know that the main character has something to do with the Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower. This Poster has an assortment of colors in it, the colors differ from light blues to dark blues all the way to black. then it switches to lighter colors, like the yellows and oranges and golds for the lower half. This is a scene in the movie, because the main character is jumping through time and space from one place on the earth to a complete different place. People would want to see this movie because of the poster and the main character with the blue aura surrounding him, also with the two pictures in the background. this makes the viewers think and wonder whats going on in the picture because most people wouldn't know what the picture means and that he is jumping through space and time to different places around the world, or how he was able to do this in the first place. I think this is a good poster because it captures our attention by the types of images on it along with the variety of colors. it makes us wonder all the possible things and what is going to happen to this person.

Future Movie Release:

The makers of Transformers started out their campaign of letting the public know about the fourth transformers by showing a trailer during the Superbowl commercials. This is a good start for them because they released the trailer on a day that millions of millions of people would be watching the Superbowl. So that means millions of people would watch the trailer for transformers for and want to see it. for their campaign they could not only just use social media and post pictures of the set or pictures from the movie, but they could post videos so people start talking about the movie and get excited to see the movie. The producers can also things were the actors from the movie go out and talk about whats in the movie and why people should go and see it, and just to give people an opportunity to meet the actors. The Producers should also have things where part of the set goes out on display for the public to see and come visit to get a special view of what everything is going to be like and what to expect in the movie. They can post some more trailers online for people to see also. All of this just gives the movie more publicity and gets people more excited to see the movie when it comes out. Then they can do a special contest were a select group of people get chosen to see the movie before it comes out in normal theaters. This contest could range from any amount of things like the produces can say hash-tag a key word and random people will be selected or other similar contests for people to win. this would get maximum results for the public to find out more about the movie.

The Future of TV:

The future of TV has changed a lot since it started, everything is available in tons of different ways that are easier and easier as technology gets better. We can now watch TV shows on our computers or smart phones using the internet or data. you can also get things like Netflix and have everything available at the tip of your fingers with all the movies and shows that you would wanna watch. there are apps you can download on your phone that will let your stream live feeds to shows or special event things like the Olympics. I think that in the future we will find things that will still yet make things easier for us to watch our favorite shows in the fastest ways with the least interruptions. You can already fast forward and skip through commercials or rewind to watch something again, then skip ahead to the live footage with the push of a button. We can also record our favorite shows and re-watch them at our convenience. In the future we will probably be able to record/ download/ watch movies or TV shows from any device with some sort of wifi or digital connections in download times that are the fastest times yet.

The Future Of Movies:

Downloading and watching movies is easier than ever and i think that it will continue to get easier. As of right now we can watch movies in tons of different ways. We can watch movies of our mobile phones on the go. Or we can just sit at home and order one of the TV on a certain channel. There are also things like netflix which there are a ton of movies that we can just click on and play with no interruptions as long as you have a connection to WiFi or data. Or you can just go to a red box and pick out the movie or movies that you want and take them home with you to watch. in the future i think that all of these ways will get more and more easy for us to acsess and watch movies.

New TV Show

Make a comedy TV show where it is an interactive show with the audience or the public watching it on TV with social media. have one host that is known by lots of people and is well liked so he or she makes a good impact. Then the host tells the viewers a set of options they can show on the show that night and to tweet in to vote for the things that are shown that night and what videos you watch. then the host shows you the video clips and tells you funny things about the videos you watched. Then at the end of the show they take and show the funniest clips of the night to you for one last laugh. the TV show will be marketed by the people tweeting to the show about the things they want to see. That will all the people that follow the people tweeting about the show, they will want to find out more about it and look into the show and watch it. Other ways to market the show would be through short TV commercials of highlights of previous and upcoming shows.

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