Gas Chambers


Zyklon. B was the created and engineer behind this horrible room that would send gas through shower like devices and would kill people.It would kill thousands of people within minutes.

The Germans are known to have the best engineering in the world. The Gas Chambers were meant to look like showers so no one knew what was happening. This chamber killed millions of people all together.

This is the outside of a gas chamber in Auschwitz, Germany. They would walk in as the thousands and get killed together in big rooms!

When you were walking in from the camp, you would walk in single file by the thousands, come into a dingy room that looked like a big room of showers. They didn't know instead of water it was gas to kill all of the people who walked in. All together there was millions of Jews killed. After they were killed they were all cremated. So they would burn all the bodies after and the smoke would go out a chimney. People that lived near by said it smelled like burning hair for days and the stench was terrible.

This was where they would burn the bodies after killing them in the gas chambers. The people say it was a brutal smell!

As you can see, gas chambers and cremation holes, were not a very nice scene. It was unjust and totally disrespectful. Millions of Jews died for no reason and this is a complete tragedy.

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