Day in the life: Indonesia

My persons name is Putu and she is 11 years old I live in Bail Indonesia with my partents and my sister.


I eat breakfast with my sister and we eat rice and chicken and vegetables and a ice chocolate drink.  


My sister and I pray at the temple in the back of our house.


We are studing reading writing math and science.


Me and my sister try to nap during the day.


I want to be a Balinese dancer when I grow up so I work hard at my dance classes.


Our dad picks us up from dance class. Once we get back to our home, we watch TV and play with Blackie. My mother makes us a cool drink and a snack.

Day in the life: Kylah

I live with my mom, dad, brother, and sister and i am 12 years old I live in Aurora.

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