Visit Canada

Anna Langer

Canada is a multiculturalism country, which means there are many different cultures besides Canadians here. Refugees might have an effect on multiculturalism because they are people from other countries fleeing from war.  There are also many people in Canada that are bilingual and can speak two different languages fluently. Many of the bilinguals are probably francophone meaning they can speak french.

Canada and the U.S. import and export many goods to and from each other. This is good because we are close friends with each other and it's important to be when you are neighboring countries. Imports are shipping goods and services out of your country to another, while exports are buying goods and services from other countries. Canada also has both transportation corridors and barriers. Some transportation corridors , land that makes it easier to travel, in Canada are railroads, canals, roads ,and highways. On the other hand transportation barriers, land preventing or blocking travel, are mountains, oceans, and rivers.

multiculturalism in canada
refugees fleeing from war.
many people in Canada are bilingual
transportation corridor
transportation barrier

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