This "tack" provides you with a few videos, website links, and questions to answer about your LEARNING TARGET!

S5L4. Students will relate how microorganisms benefit or harm larger organisms.

a. Identify beneficial microorganisms and explain why they are beneficial.

b. Identify harmful microorganisms and explain why they are harmful.


When you learn about viruses, it can be scary to learn that millions of people have died from influenza. Fortunately, science has improved and vaccinations have been created to fight viruses that could otherwise turn deadly. Here is a short explanation of how virus attack.

Answer the following questions on Google Docs.

1. How can viruses infect other microorganisms like bacteria? Explain in complete sentences.

2.How can we protect food from bacteria? Explain in a complete sentences.

3. Elaborate on how viruses spread.

4. Are bacteria single celled organisms or multi-celled? Describe the basic shapes of bacteria.

5. Explain the function of

Some bacteria isn't bad…….in fact, they help digest your food!

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