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Venezuela is located in northern South America touching the Caribbean Sea. It has 2,800 square feet of coastline. Venezuela borders Brazil, Colombia, and Guyana. It has natural resources such as diamonds, natural gas, iron, gold, hydropower, petroleum, and bauxite. The total area of Venezuela is 912,050 square kilometers.

In Venezuela the climate hot, humid , tropical. The typical temperature in winter is about 75 degrees F. In spring its about 77 degrees F. In summer the average temperature is 76 degrees F. In fall its 76 degrees F. It typical precipitation is 43.9 inches a year. Some natural hazards are floods, rock slides, mudslides, and periodic droughts.

Some five or four stars in Venezuela are the InterContinental Tamanaco Caracas in Caracas, Venezuela. This hotel has a four star rating, 535 rooms, 32 suites, 9 floors, and has a 45 minute drive to Caracas International airport. Another hotel is the InterContinental Guayana in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela. This hotel has a five star rating, 189 rooms, 4 suites, and can hold up to 2200 people. Venezuela has 806 railroad tracks, 127 airports, 96,155 km of road 32,800 km is paved and the rest is not. Some campgrounds in Venezuela are the Tanda Tula Safari Camp. It a four star rating and is in Merida, Venezuela.

The country of Venezuela has a rich architectural background. The houses and churches stand as proof. Spanish is spoken by the majority of Venezuela. Native languages are prevalent in certain parts of the country. The art in Venezuela is a blend of pre-colonial and colonial. There is also an influence of Spanish art forms.

Venezuela has many restaurants such as the El Maute Grill. It offers a variety of different steaks including rump, loin, and loin of pork. You can also choose from a variety of desserts and salads. It costs anywhere from $25 to $100 per person. The Sushi Market is a good place to go and have a quick and cheap meal on a busy day. The prices range from $5-$10

Some outdoor recreation in Venezuela includes the fantastic beaches, many national parks, and places for sports. Venezuela has many beaches and resorts such as the Margarita, Coche, Los Roques, and La Blanquilla. This country offers over 40 national parks and 20 nature reserves and are a home to a variety of animals. Venezuela offers many opportunities of sports with all the national sports witch have hiking trails and trails.

Some historic sites in Venezuela are the John the Baptist monument and the Solano castle. The Salano castle is located in Puerto Cabello, Carabobo, Venezuela. The John the Baptist monument is located in San Juan de los Morros, Guarico, Venezuela. John the Baptist is 19.8 meters tall.It was carved in honor of John the Baptist. The Salano castle was built in 1766 as a military base.

Venezuela offers a variety of different places to shop. If your looking for clothing Zara provides clothing for men women and children. If you like authentic things Hannsi is the perfect place to go. The El Mercado offers a variety of different things with stands of all types.

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