Oregon Summer

Good times with best friends!
July 8th to 20th, 2014

Bend, Oregon

Had a great time starting out in Central Oregon with the Moffenbeier's and friends! Great music, drinks, food, and laughs. Her girls, Macy and Harper are such sweet young ladies who are excellent lap swimmers and give lots of love! We went to a baseball game that had an unexpected rainstorm but hiding underneath the blanket was with all smiles. This girl makes the best traditional bruschetta ever... I have always enjoyed the Moffenbeier kitchen! When Nikole arrived we tracked down a yummy, refreshing beverage, Hell or High Watermelon, I will be on the look out for it. My next adventure was paddle boarding with Cathi and Nikole, a little nervous and tricky at first, but a relaxing float. It was a beautiful day and felt refreshing to be on the Deschutes River.  

Trip to Mt. Hood

What can I say....Julie and I had so many fun adventures! We started out with phase 10 and Uncle Dan’s, games and apps are a favorite for both of us. Julie took the day off and we made it a trip up to Mt. Hood. Let's just say Alpine Slides were awesome! We were able to enjoy the beauty by riding up the lift and then sliding right down. You can go as fast or slow as you want with the mountain right in front of you, it was almost unreal, the day was gorgeous. After riding down the slope we went for the Zip Line. I was a little nervous, she was too, thanks to Julie, she went first! It was a good little zip to the first landing then looking down you set up for the second landing, scary! After our fun time here back to one more Alpine run! Last we picked lots of daisies and made a flower chain! It was a great day!

Nikole's Birthday

Loved spending time with my dear friend, Nikole.  Now this girl makes the very best crapes, man my girl friends know how to cook!  After coming back from our Bend trip,  I was able to spend a little bit of time with Nikole, her husband Kyle and her 12 month little boy, Pablo, who by the way has the sweetest little blue eyes and started saying quesadilla while I was there!  One of my favorite memories was celebrating her birthday with her and her sweet little family! It was just fun, candid, relaxing, silly and yummy!  We went to Bunk, a sandwich house followed by Salt & Straw, for ice cream.  It was a good night with Farrah, Mony and baby Fiona as well as Kenya, Kyle's humorous sister.   

Seeing Grandma Ruth

This little lady is the cutest lady ever.  Mary and I sat with her and and she took us through a little scrap book she had made during her time before and after war.  She had certificates, cards, pictures and menus to hold on to.  It was something I had never seen before, and enjoyed seeing from a time that I did not live in, so different. Grandma Ruth also showed us where both of her parents were born in Sweden, I would love to visit there one day.  I wish I could spend more time with this sweet little lady. :)  xoxo

Tea for Three

Julie, Tori and I went to our first ladies tea party at Lavender Bleu, a historic area of West Linn. We each chose our own pot of freshly brewed tea.  It came with sorbet, soup, finger sandwiches, scones, fresh fruit, and small desserts.  What a great little ladies day of tea! Thanks to Julie for making us baby's breath headbands and both of you for finding such a cute little spot!

Willamette Falls Kayak Trip

Julie and I had a nice day kayaking up the Willamette River to see the falls.

Other good times....

Visiting my hometown is always so nice, seeing the old places, finding new ones and being able to spend time of my longest, closest friends.  Thank you all for having me at your homes and finding fun creative things to do.  It was a lovely time and I look forward to when it happens again. Next summer.......! ;)

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3 years ago

This is very cool! Nice job.

3 years ago

We really got around!! Memories I will cherish Sarah! I have to say the tea party was very special to me and the photo of you and Tori still cracks me up! I'm already looking forward to next summer! 😘