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            I chose the country of Argentina because of its rich culture and history.

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Religion plays a big role in our morals and the way we see the world. Most people in Argentina are Roman Catholic, who believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and live by His teachings, while spreading his word. Two percent of the people are Protestants, which believe that Christ alone is the head of the church. Another two percent is Jewish, who believe in the 13 principals of faith. There is also a lot of Evangelicals lately.

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Argentina has a relatively good education system. It has one of the best education systems in South America. Primary or elementary school starts at the age of six.  All students must attend 12 years of school, by law. Much like the US, college is not mandatory but is highly recommended.

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Argentina food is mainly meat based, primarily beef. Some popular dishes that contain a lot of beef are epanadas,which are like a beef pie; asado, sort of like barbeque; and carbonada, which is a beef stew cooked inside a pumpkin. Although many dishes being meat based, there are a few vegetarian dishes like a provoleta. There are also a lot of Argentinian desserts. Some of these are alfajores and dulce de leche.

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Creative Expression

Argentina has a very rich culture, especially in the way they express themselves. The national sport of the country is Pato but many enjoy sports we play in  America such as tennis and golf. The tango is a very popular dance and type of music in Argentina. Argentina has a long history of amazing artist like Antonio Berni and Xual Solar. Both artist are very well known in Argentina and world wide.

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