MCA Cross Border Advisors Inc.

Whether for professional and personal reasons, a lot of people (esp. Canadian and American citizens) are considering permanent or temporary residence in other countries, particularly between Canada and the United States.

MCA Cross Border Advisors is a well-known cross border financial planning firm with unsurpassed expertise in handling Canadians moving into the United States, Americans moving to Canada, or employees being relocated between both countries.

Canadians buying in Florida or other states decide to move to the U.S. for a couple of reasons. Now, as a case in point, many snowbirds that spend winters in Sun Belt states quickly become upset with counting the days before they have to leave the beach or golf course to return home. Business owners who are likely to sell their business and retire are often interested to become U.S. residents due to the possible income tax savings. Retirees might want to be closer to children and grandchildren residing in the United States.

It’s of no surprise that this kind of move brings an exciting and new feeling to you. However, this transition is also difficult since it includes understanding the laws in manifold jurisdictions and how they interact. Furthermore, it requires proper financial planning, tax planning, and investment management. MCA Cross Border Advisors could deal with these concerns and ensures a smooth transition of residency while minimizing tax and avoiding costly mistakes through our sophisticated Cross Border Financial Plan.

Our team consists of 30 financial, legal and accounting professionals, led by partners David A. Altro, Matt Altro, Robert Keats, Shlomi Steve Levy and Dale Walters. We have a depth of expertise to address your every need.

It was mentioned earlier that moving presents several questions on many topics plus it can be difficult to comprehend the effects of laws on both sides of the border, MCA Cross Border Advisors connects all the pieces together enabling Canadians and Americans on both sides of the border in achieving their goals.

When considering moving from Canada to the United States, Canadians are often overwhelmed by a number of concerns, MCA Cross Border Advisors makes an incomparable road map to aid Canadians in reaching their goals in the areas of taxation, estate planning, retirement, health coverage and insurance, investment management, immigration, and tax preparation. Our cross border financial planning process generates the path from Canada to the U.S., allowing clients to benefit from opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.

MCA Cross Border Advisors process involves three basic steps such as fact finding, cross border analysis, and presentation and next steps.

It’s pretty obvious that the first step that we do is gathering important data to ensure that we’ll be able to accomplish a thorough cross border analysis particular to your situation. We’re going to review and evaluate all information, including personal information, your corporate holdings, insurance coverage, investment portfolio, income tax situation, financial statements, and information regarding retirement, estates, trusts and will.

The next step is to make a cross border plan that suits your needs. The plan will include analysis and recommendations in all of our areas of expertise, including tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, investment planning, health coverage and insurance, immigration and tax filing.

The findings will be presented to you after the completion of the analysis and planning. We’re going to guide you through the analysis and give you the opportunity to ask questions. A series of next steps will be identified based on how you decide to move forward.

For added thought regarding the cross-border investment in the Asia-Pacific, Singapore is the perfect gateway in doing businesses.

MCA Cross Border Advisors has three offices situated in Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Canada, and Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Please visit our website at for further information about our expertise, services, team, etc.

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