A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Zack Stolz
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Budweiser: Brewed the Hard Way
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Zack Stolz

Living in America people like to be proud of the things that they do, like drinking American beer brewed for the hardworking man. People, including myself, take pride in supporting their country and the years of hard work that it took to establish it. Also, I take pride in my hard work like a lot of people do; so when the commercial for Budweiser says that it is brewed the hard way, it already grabs almost every American’s attention including mine. It makes us feel that the beer is for us Americans.

The commercial for Budweiser states a lot of things about the beer company, but with one main purpose: this beer is manly and not for those who are “picky” as the commercial puts it. It says things like it is a macro beer and not for those who “fuss over taste.” They state that their beer is a classic and it doesn't need to change and that they don't need to compete with those who make a “peach wood ale.” It claims this beer is for the hard working man who wants a classic taste with no surprises. This beer is manly and “brewed the hard way.” I believe this commercial works very well and makes most Americans who are prideful believe that this beer is made for them because it is brewed the hard way and it’s been that way since 1876.

The commercial targets a couple of demographics including young drinkers who like a good clean and crisp beer, people who are proud of what they do personally and proud of the history behind the beer that they drink. Both men and women of the younger crowd and maybe even some older men who enjoy a classic beer are the people mainly targeted. The Budweiser company is also targeting young hipsters who prefer microbrwes by making the argument that you don't need all the special seasonal beers with different flavors, that this beer is perfect and has been that way for centuries.

This commercial establishes ethos by asking you respect a historic American company like Budweiser; just the name alone helps establish credibility. Also what helps you to respect the company is that is states that they have been making the beer since 1876 and they have been doing it “the hard way.” This makes you feel like you are not being fooled by some new company that you know nothing about, this company has been around and is an American classic. Also during this commercial is shows in the background the brewing process with big fancy machines which show that this is a big American factory that it is made in and it’s not foreign. Lastly, towards the end of the commercial it shows a bunch of old ads for the beer and old labels and says the famous Budweiser, this shows its been successful for a long time, hence and you can trust it.

This ad also uses a lot of logos by using common sense and reasoning. Like when it shows how long they have been making it, that is a good reason that proves that they probably know what they are doing. Also it shows a lot of people at bars and pubs drinking their product which clicks in our mind that if other people like it and they sell it everywhere that it must be good. It says that this is the only beer “beach wood aged” as it states, this makes it unique and it is logical for you to try something new that is one of a kind. Other facts that it states are that this beer is for people who like to drink beer and not discuss it.

This commercial also places a big emphasis on the viewer by using pathos. One of the biggest things that it makes us feel is “bad-ass” and proud of our nation and its history. This first happens from the music it uses in the background. Also all the images the commercial uses make you want some beer. Like all the times it shows the beer being poured into glasses and just the bottles being opened and the water drops on the outside show how it is at the perfect temperature. It also says the people who drink our beer like to drink beer, this makes you want to be included because you are proud that you like to drink beer and now you want some of theirs. Lastly, when it says “let them sip their pumpkin peach ale, we’ll be brewing us some golden suds” this makes you feel less manly if you drink a pumpkin peach ale, it pressures you into drinking some golden manly beer that is perfect. The commercial does all this with little talking, but relies more on just music, images, and text to really appeal to the audience emotionally.

The commercial persuades to some to go and get Budweiser in a very competitive beer market. It tells us that Budweiser is brewed the hard way and it is for proud Americans who like a classic beer made the same way for years. The ad will not be effective for many young hipsters who will not buy into the argument that Budweiser is a food american brand and a maker of high-quality beer. They will go on thinking Budweiser is a big greedy corporation the makes bad beer in factories. That may be the American way, but many young drinkers will still want a different beer.

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