Holes by- Louis Sachar
Characterization for
Mr. Pendanski

Before Stanley kind of "joined the group" Mr. Pendanski was actually very nice and understanding. " I want you to know, Stanley, that I respect you." pg. 17

Acts like...

Mr. Pendanski understood people make mistakes in life and will mess up.

" I understand you've made some bad mistakes in your life. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. but everyone makes mistakes. you may have done some bad things, but that doesn't mean your a bad kid." pg. 17

Looks like...

" Mr. Pendanski was younger than Mr. Sir, and not nearly as scary looking. The top of his head was shaved so close it was almost bald, but his face was covered in a thick curly black beard. His nose was badly sun burned." pg. 16

As it shows in the picture, Mr. Pendanski wore a hat because he didn't want to get a sunburn on his bald head. Also the sun screen on his nose was probably used to cover up his sunburn.


Nice- " We don't laugh at peoples dreams." pg. 57

"We all make mistakes." pg. 17

" He's so stupid he doesn't even know he's stupid." to zero pg.138

" No one cares about Hector Zeroni." pg. 144

What others say about him...

Zero-  " Zero took the shovel. Then he swung it like a baseball bat. The metal blade smashed across Mr. Pendanski's face." pg 139

As we can tell Zero doesn't like Mr. Pendanski for many different reasons.

Mr Pendanski

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