Medieval Knights

By; Benedetto Parrelli

The knights were a big help in Medieval Europe. The knights would protect both the lords and the king.

#Chivalry- This was a code the knights were supposed live by. This required them to be brave, loyal, and generous. This would count as fighting fairly in battle.

#MedievalWeapons- The knights used many weapons in battle. Some were: swords, axes, lances, and long spears.

#ArmorForKnights- The knights started to wear armor made of chain mail with little rings covering them. Later in times they became more advanced and started to wear heavy plate armor made of solid metal.

#7years- Knights start training when they are boys and they would train to become a knight at 7 years old. That boy would be sent to the castle of his father's lord. He would learn how to fight and ride a horse. After many years he would pledge his loyalty to his master and become a knight.

Where the knights started up, Medieval Europe. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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