The Real Pocahontas

Tackk By: Duncan and Alan

What Role Did Pocahontas Really Play In The History of Jamestown?

The role played by Pocahontas (actual name Matoaka) was important but her involvement in the history of Jamestown was limited do to her short life and amount of time spent in Jamestown. Pocahontas did however keep "some colonists alive during the first starving time in 1609" by sneaking food to them when Powahatans refused to trade. These acts helped improve settlers' opinions of the Native Americans and helped Pocahontas stand out from others in the group of tribes. Another way Pocahontas impacted Jamestown's history and help change colonists' opinions of Native Americans was when she brought temporary peace between Jamestown and her people. This was accomplished by Pocahontas "by marrying one of the colonial leaders named John Rolfe", whom she met when she was nineteen years of age. Pocahontas then moved to England with John Rolfe, where "she became the example that Indians could be 'civilized'". To sum up, Pocahontas released tensions for a short period of time Powahatan and the Jamestown colonists while simultaneously improving the colonists' thoughts and opinions of Native Americans.