Greek & Roman Mythology Resources

There is  A LOT of info on the Web about Mythology--these are recommended sites!

Guiding Question of Inquiry—

What IS Mythology? And how does it impact our world TODAY?

Your goal is to create and share an Introduction to Mythology using Tackk .

To do this, you will need to research the following questions, using the Internet or books:

o What is Mythology?

o Who is a famous God or Goddess?

o Who is a famous Mythical creature or beast?

o What is a famous Myth?

o How does Mythology still connect to today’s world?

Step 1: Research! Here are recommended websites for Mythology

Please be aware: there is a lot of crazy mythology information available; keep it school appropriate (“G” rated, please)! (these are PowerPoints)

For your modern-day connections slide:

Here are some sites for free cartoons/graphics:

Example Myth Summary:

Myth of Apollo and Daphne

Apollo—the God of light, art, music, and medicine—fell deeply in love with a forest nymph named Daphne. She was completely afraid of him and didn’t want anything to do with him. As Apollo chased her through a forest, she prayed to the Gods to help her escape! Voila! She was turned into a lovely laurel tree. Apollo was heartbroken. He took a branch off of the tree and fashioned it into a crown that he wears in the memory of his lost love. This myth explains what can happen if you are too aggressive with your crush, where the laurel tree comes from, and why Apollo wears a crown.

For Early Finishers: (please turn your volume off or use headphones)

(interview of Rick Riordian, author of Lightning Thief)

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