Ethel  Rosenberg:

September 28, 1918-June 19, 1953
"I have no names to give. I'm innocent.”
Ethel Greenglass was born September 28,1918  in New York City to Barnie and Tessie Greenglass.  She had two brothers named Bernard and David.

During highschool,  Ethel desired to be an aspiring actress , but instead  got a  job at the National New York Packing and Shipping Company where  she became interested in politics . She began to get herself involved in  political causes, and ended up meeting Julius Rosenberg at a  union event.

Not long after dating , they both became interested in the  Communist party.
In 1939, Julius and Ethel were married.
They had two children named Michael, and Robert.  


About me :

Ethel Rosenberg was best known as a co-conspirator  with her husband in espionage cases . They were giving away war secrets to  the Soviets .

One of them involved the atomic bomb case , where Mr. Rosenberg convinced Ethel's brother  David  who was involved in the U.S. army to give away information about the Manhattan Project to the Soviet Union, and information about how to make a proximity fuse.

David Greenglass was the first to be caught, and later gave out  Mr. Rosenberg's  activities going on, as well as his wife's involvement.  There was lack of direct-evidence to convict her.

Both pleaded innocent, but were convicted of  conspiracy. June 19, 1953  the Rosenbergs were executed in the electric chair.

Fun Facts About Me:
1.A rabbi pleaded with me to cooperate with the authorities to not get executed, but I refused.
2.My brother lied about my involvement in the Atomic bomb case .
3. My role in the cases  still remain unclear.


People Who Would have been friends with Her -

Fellow Members of the Communist Party U.S.A  such as :
Albert Goldman, Gil Green,Vern Smith,  Jim Thompson, and Emil Freed.



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