;Pita's Journey of life and Sunshine;

No one is perfect or has a perfect life, but here is my life of imperfection just because not everything you do isn't perfect and some days you'll have those cloudy/dark days, don't lose hope because when the sun goes down the stars come up ;*



Today was  a really stressful day. I had to start of my morning wrong with losing my stuff and forgetting my wallet. I didn't have time to get my breakfast and had to go pay a fine. My teacher wasn't here today so I couldn't turn in my work and I have to go to TSTC instead of going to work. I hate walking and i'm going to have to be walking a lot!!!!


Today has been a great day. Even though I forgot my wallet again, but at least I got to eat this morning! I got to finish all my work and that's good since I  know i'll be passing my classes. And today is Friday so i'm looking forward to the weekend!  I also have a presentation next period so I hope I do great.


My fifth grade teacher had a huge impact on me. Mrs. Coronado was the only teacher that had got me to like math she pushed me to my limits with her strictness and her determination on making me pass. Because of her I started loving math and till this day I still love math and it has made it easier for me to understand it.  That same year she not only made me pass the math TAKS she helped me get commended with a 90. She helped me into thinking that with determination and a little of someone pushing me to the limits I can get anywhere.


Today we had a test  for world history. I'm pretty sure I passed it though it was pretty easy. I also had a few more tests, but it was no biggie. I  have another meeting after school. That means I won't be able to make it to work. It's the second time in one week. At least i'm getting a new phone after the meeting so it's all good.(:



The lights went off when I had to go with to a trip so I was stuck waiting. After 20-30 minutes so they could release me when they were telling me that everyone was already leaving. Then they finally let me go and get my stuff from downstairs. I got just in time to get my stuff inspected. Then after all that difficultly we finally started our trip to Kerville.


After graduation i'm planning on taking my basic courses in TSTC. I want to major in something fast and simple that get's paid good. So I can start earning money and be able to actually study in becoming a PTSD therapist. And actually going to a college I want go. I want  to be able to afford the college courses.


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