Mobile Apps For Education

K-12 Version


Here are my 5 apps:

Twitter: Twitter is a suitable choice as it allows students to share information such as pictures and text easily and efficiently. It not only serves as a communication for students to other students, but to the teacher as well. Another great feature about Twitter is that most students already have it, and don't require a new account. A specific example is a quick questionnaire, the teacher could ask the students to research a question and tweet it to her with the correct hashtag to 'win a prize'.



Instagram: Instagram would be great for classes that are very hands on. It allows students to upload their art work or creative plates or creations easily and safely. While others may also comment on it. A specific class example is a foods class, groups may upload their plates when they are done and hashtag the class, or the teacher may upload the photos themselves to relate back to.


Pinterest allows students to get really creative. Pinterest can be used to create online collages, to upload images of work, to network, and to find many many resources. Pinterest is great for almost all grade levels and is just as common as twitter and instagram therefore its a bonus as most students will already have an account. An example of how pinterest could be used in a class; A student who is wishing to pursue photography can upload images of their work to a board to demonstrate knowledge of a concept and how they relate. (A frog in its ecosystem, what affects its ecosystem).


Show me is an app that allows students to turn their ipads into a whiteboard. This feature makes this app appropriate for any age level as it may be used to aid teaching a variety of subjects. It even allows a voice over tutorials and easy uploading. This is great for teachers who require an interactive lesson to be sent to a student who cannot be present in class, or for a student who requires a tutorial to view at all times (say for, doing homework). This is great as it allows the teacher to get involved creatively and can be accessed by any student anywhere.


Toontastic is a free app that is more aimed towards a younger audience as the app allows students to create work using their favourite cartoons. Students can create stories using their favourite cartoons and is great for keeping students entertained yet teaching at the same time. Example: The teacher could be teaching the concept of sharing, and students could create a heroic story about a superhero who saved a civilian from bullying by sharing his/her lunch with the civilian and teaching the bully that stealing lunch is a crime!

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